July 13, 2024

1 thought on “Giulio Berruti Posts Touching New Year’s Tribute

  1. I Found My Beloved Gabriel’s some months ago. All of Them. I have the Full Series. When I began watching them i became so mesmerized,so elated. I could not believe that i had discovered a creation so unique and special. Part 3 of Gabriel’s Rapture was perfecto. It brought me to uncontrollable tears. It has the ultimate and perfect ending and I cannot control my emotions every time i watch it as much as I tried. I watch them all, each and every one over and over and over again. I cannot hold myself back. I cannot stop! The Storyline is like nothing I have ever experienced in my life. Your character is so bold, so inspiring and it has stirs up within me emotions that i thought i had lost. The beauty of the intense connection is indescribable. Your appreciation of all that you experience with her fills me with gratitude that a man can love a woman so deeply and that without one another you experience an inner pain so inexplicable.

    After enduring a failed marriage of 14 years and years of deceit and disappointment, I now believe that the Intense Desire and Beauty of Love can still exist for me. That somewhere out there i too, can find my Angel, my Soul mate, the Man I was always deserving of.

    Giulio Berruti, You are a Beautiful Man. You are a Beautiful Soul. Your presence is Powerful. I am overwhelmed by your Intensity. When I look at your eyes, i see the eyes of the Man whose eyes i would like to look into and to call him my own. I Love You with All My Heart even though I do not know you. It is my Dream to meet you someday but only Heaven knows if it is possible. I Wish I Had Known Someone of the Character that You are in Gabriel , All of my Adult Life. My life would have been Happier. Each part of the Gabriel’s, has a different meaning to me and it opened up my heart to the Possibility That Love Can Come To Me. We All Deserve Love in it’s Deepest and Purest Form. Your Character Proved that to me.

    Because of You, my Yearning for Pure Love has grown stronger and deeper. I only hope that my Beloved Finds Me. I Love You Giulio Berruti. My Grandfather was Italian. His surname was Forti. I never had the privilege of meeting him but I would Love to visit Italy one day and to learn to speak Italian. It is my Dream.

    Ps. I am waiting in anticipation to watch Gabriel’s Redemption *

    Yours In Anticipation
    Francene Ford-Baron

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