July 14, 2024

54 thoughts on “Passionflix Asks Fans for Black Dagger Brotherhood Casting Suggestions

  1. Wrath: Try taking a closer look at THE UNDERTAKER, MARK CALLAWAY. As for Beth, no ideas yet. Roman Reigns as Tohrment, maybe John Cena as Rhage, maybe AJ Styles as Vishous (still out on who could be cast as Phury) and maybe Triple H as Zsadist. But pro wrestlers would definitely be a good place to start (Vin Diesel could probably be cast as one of the Brothers as well).

    1. The Only One I Can Honestly Say for sure, Wrath – Jason Momoa Since The Beginning In Dark Lover -2005. Though Darius is My Favorite Brother!!!

      1. Jill I agree with you. Jason Mamoa would be the best Wrath. Then Lauren Esposito could play Beth. Alan Ritchson from “Reacher” could play Rhage.

  2. I absolutely agree with Jason M for Wrath! There is an amazing specimen name I.am.stacks on Instagram…. He would be an amazing Rhage, or Lassiter!! His personality fits💯👏🏻 Beth – the girlfriend in Transformers, who’s dad was a Mechanic!

    1. Iamstacks!!@@ yesss he’s so hot and he’s aware of the Fandom and many of our fantasies lol

  3. I trust in Passionflix to fit the right person to the character but we need to stay true to the characters in book. The books bring you in from the beginning. A lot of good names are being thrown out but do they really fit the idea we all have in our heads as Wrath? Wrath is the king of all vampires. It’s going to be someone who is strong in body and mind. Who will not leave after the first story and plans to work through each book if they become screens plays as well. Jason M Would be great but I don’t really see him playing the roll for more than the first story . Jensen Ackles would be a great Rhage. Most females and males alike love his personality. Chris Hemsworth would be a great Tohrment. Scott Eastwood and Miles Teller would be a great additions as one of the brothers.

  4. I have to say no to most of the suggestions…nothing personal. BUTTT Thomas Beaudoin, now he can pretty much play any of the brothers except Wrath. But I can totally see him as Tohr.
    Roman Reighns for Wrath.
    Phoebe Tonkin or Odette Annable For Beth

  5. HELLO, I say David Gandy for VISHOUS! And Wentworth Miller for ZADIST. They are beautiful but in a sinister way. David Gandy will ALWAYS be V for me !! The others…big name or not has to play the part especially physically, and stick to the stories. I have been waiting for this for a long time.

  6. I hope no matter what happens they are all manly and not baby faced!! I think they can be beautiful men but a little rough looking at the same time.
    Im just so excited and grateful for JR and Passionflix to be doing this, I trust they will cast expertly!

  7. Roman Reigns as Wrath. Chris Hemsworth as Rhage. Ed Skrein as Zsadist and Phury. David Gandy as V. Tom Hardy as Butch. Joe Manganiello as Rhevenge

  8. Jason Momoa as Wrath
    Chris Hemsworth as Rhage
    David Gandy as V
    Tom Hardy as Zsadist and Phury
    Ryan Reynolds as Butch
    Olivier Richters as Tor
    Mark Wahlberg as Xcor

  9. When is Dark Lover going Premier ? Thought it was on 3/30/23 but haven’t seen it on the list.

  10. Tatum, definitely him as one of the brothers. Also they should make a series of a book I red on Amazon:too much life by Paola serafini. It is epic

  11. Henry Cavill for Wrath. Great in The Witcher, history of getting in shape for roles. Strong acting skills able to carry the strength and resentment inherent in the role.

  12. I can only hope you get up and coming talent. Most mentioned, to me, have a familiarity. I have a preconcieved opinion of them.
    Like Julia Roberts..think About it…she is always the same in every movie. Big smile, funky laugh, ect. No matter the part! Wrath..first thought is the guy from The Crow. Yes because of hair and The Eyes! I don’t Know how old he is but makeup artists work wonders!

  13. Jason Momoa as Wrath, Jessica Lowndes as Beth, Charlie Hunnam as Rhage, Ian Somerhalder as Vishous, Henry Cavill as Tohr, Taylor Kitsch as Phury, Wentworth Miller as Zsadist.

  14. There has only been Wrath in my head played by Jason Momoa. Zadist is my favorite book and after watching the 1 season of “Taboo” Tom Hardy is a great candidate for Zadist.

  15. Oh, come on, am I talking to myself here? I think all of you who suggested other actors to play Wrath need to check out THE UNDERTAKER. I mean, come on, the man’s already close to seven feet in height, for crying out loud: that’s a dead ringer for Wrath. And as for the blindness thing? The Undertaker can just roll his eyes back, he won’t need any special makeup or anything for that; he’ll just need to dye his hair, get some extensions and dress in a whole lot of black leather; it’s as simple as that. And Kellan Lutz is a good suggestion to play one of the other Brothers: maybe Elizabeth Reaser, who was cast as Esme Cullen for the Twilight Saga, could take the role of Beth

  16. WRATH – Jason Momoa
    RHAGE – Chris Hemsworth
    ZSADIST – Ed Skrein
    BUTCH – Daniel Cudmore
    VISHOUS – David Gandy (or Diogo Morgado)
    PHURY – Ed Skrein
    REHVENGE – D.J. Cotrona
    JOHN MATTHEW – Brant Daugherty
    MANNY MANELLO – Joe Manganiello
    TOHRMENT – Henry Cavill
    QHUINN – Tyler Hoechlin
    BLAYLOCK – K.J. Apa
    ASSAIL – Tom Ellis
    MURHDER – Ian Somerhalder

  17. I think they need to look to some of these actors from Vikings and Last Kingdom for a good fit and perhaps a more reasonable price. Those Scandinavian boys’ accents would work for the…hmm is that hungarian 🤔 they are already good with fight scenes and dripping in weapons…Fanning myself already

  18. Kaleo Griffith would be a good choice as a Brother. He narrates books so his voice would be perfect for a Brother. Not Wrath though. Wrath is The Blind King who must convey that ‘i dont do bull****’ attitude. Just standing there he is imposing so the actor has to have that. He has muscles but not that puffy looking stuff that some guys have so even though I love Jason Mamoa I dont see him as Wrath.

    As for Beth, someone else here said that girl from Transformers…… Yes Megan Fox!

    1. You’re absolutely right: I’ve looked up Jason Momoa and he just doesn’t seem to fit, the actor who plays Wrath needs to be someone who already has a ton of experience playing a dark role. Someone like The Undertaker, perhaps and yes, I know I’m repeating myself, but still: I LOVE The Undertaker and I can absolutely see HIM as Wrath; I have no doubt that he’d be able to pull it off perfectly. As for who plays Beth, well, what about The Undertaker’s wife, Michelle? They work so well together in real life, why not cast them together as the leading couple for the TV adaptation of the first book?

  19. Matthew Noszka is my Rhage. Age is right, blonde hair is right, cheeky attitude is right on and his physical size is almost there too.
    David Gandy would be the perfect Vishious, I think most of the fantom agrees on this. Tall, charming and sinister enough to be V.
    Perfect for Butch would be Tom Hardy, but I can also see someone like Dominic Sherwood is it needs to be someone a little younger than Hardy.
    Elisabeth Olsen had always been my Mary, but I’m not sure if she would be the perfect fit.
    Most of the others are well-known actors and actesses that’s been fan-favourites for years (like Mamoa, I know), but the truth is that most of us would prefer unknowns (or low level famous) to be cast cause no one too famous would ever fit into every fans imagination of that character. We really just want unknown who can act the part and who aren’t tooooooo far away from the description in the books.

  20. WRATH – Jason Momoa or Henry Cavill
    BETH – Marie Avgeropoulos or Jennifer Connelly
    BUTCH – Tom Hardy or David Boreanaz

  21. I think Jason Mamoa would make a good Wrath. He has experience playing a blind character and is sexy and powerful. I think it will be challenging to cast these characters because we need them to be believable -the chemistry amongst the Brothers as well as the 1:1 with their love interest. I can get past the looks being exact if the actors can pull off the essence of the character. I need the intensity and the goofy banter and the vulnerability. And if you can find actual twins to play Zsadist and Phury then I’ll be super impressed! I wish you luck in this endeavor!

  22. Since affording some of the above mentioned A listers is probably not going to happen…….

    How about looking at some cover models ? Ryan Stacks or Marty Black for Rhage

  23. The first thing you have to remember is Passionflix does not have the money for some of these people that were named. There are going to be a lot of people that we would never expect. It’s going to be very hard to cast them, especially Wrath. He is 6’9” and huge. Rhage is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous that when people see him, they do double takes. There are so many cover models out there, that I can see that could play them, but can they act. JR Ward has finial say. She is doing the casting, the script, so I’m sure that it will be worth watching.

  24. I don’t know why, but I see Mila Kunis as Beth. She’s doesn’t have the height, but she could pull off the attitude and humor of Beth.

  25. Definitely Roman Reigns as Wrath and
    Paula Patton as Beth
    Henry Cavill as Darius
    Jason Mamoa as Tohr
    The Rock as Zsadist
    Michele Morrone as Vishious
    Alexander Dreymon as Rhage
    Travis Fimmel as Murder
    Chris Hemsworth as Phury

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