March 30, 2023

13 thoughts on “Passionflix Asks Fans for Black Dagger Brotherhood Casting Suggestions

  1. Wrath: Try taking a closer look at THE UNDERTAKER, MARK CALLAWAY. As for Beth, no ideas yet. Roman Reigns as Tohrment, maybe John Cena as Rhage, maybe AJ Styles as Vishous (still out on who could be cast as Phury) and maybe Triple H as Zsadist. But pro wrestlers would definitely be a good place to start (Vin Diesel could probably be cast as one of the Brothers as well).

  2. I absolutely agree with Jason M for Wrath! There is an amazing specimen name on Instagram…. He would be an amazing Rhage, or Lassiter!! His personality fits💯👏🏻 Beth – the girlfriend in Transformers, who’s dad was a Mechanic!

  3. I trust in Passionflix to fit the right person to the character but we need to stay true to the characters in book. The books bring you in from the beginning. A lot of good names are being thrown out but do they really fit the idea we all have in our heads as Wrath? Wrath is the king of all vampires. It’s going to be someone who is strong in body and mind. Who will not leave after the first story and plans to work through each book if they become screens plays as well. Jason M Would be great but I don’t really see him playing the roll for more than the first story . Jensen Ackles would be a great Rhage. Most females and males alike love his personality. Chris Hemsworth would be a great Tohrment. Scott Eastwood and Miles Teller would be a great additions as one of the brothers.

  4. I have to say no to most of the suggestions…nothing personal. BUTTT Thomas Beaudoin, now he can pretty much play any of the brothers except Wrath. But I can totally see him as Tohr.
    Roman Reighns for Wrath.
    Phoebe Tonkin or Odette Annable For Beth

  5. HELLO, I say David Gandy for VISHOUS! And Wentworth Miller for ZADIST. They are beautiful but in a sinister way. David Gandy will ALWAYS be V for me !! The others…big name or not has to play the part especially physically, and stick to the stories. I have been waiting for this for a long time.

  6. I hope no matter what happens they are all manly and not baby faced!! I think they can be beautiful men but a little rough looking at the same time.
    Im just so excited and grateful for JR and Passionflix to be doing this, I trust they will cast expertly!

  7. Roman Reigns as Wrath. Chris Hemsworth as Rhage. Ed Skrein as Zsadist and Phury. David Gandy as V. Tom Hardy as Butch. Joe Manganiello as Rhevenge

  8. Jason Momoa as Wrath
    Chris Hemsworth as Rhage
    David Gandy as V
    Tom Hardy as Zsadist and Phury
    Ryan Reynolds as Butch
    Olivier Richters as Tor
    Mark Wahlberg as Xcor

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